Top 3 beauty hacks

Hello my fellow beauties! I’m Bianca, Beauty Blogger & author of I can’t wait to share with you my all time favorite beauty hacks. For those of you who don’t know, a beauty hack is a tool or trick that is meant to make your beauty routine easier/more efficient. I chose my 3 go-to beauty hacks to share with you! Let’s get into it. Shall we?

1.) Make your perfume last longer

I love perfume. Who doesn’t love to smell good? Well, before I picked up on this beauty hack I used to spray   it everywhereeeee … just so it would last! I’d even spray it in the air and walk into it . I actually have 2 hacks to make the smell last longer, without being as extra as I was.

Don’t put perfume on your dry skin. IMG_0233
Make sure you moisturize FIRST. If you aren’t showering before the perfume (we all get busy, we understand) then be sure to moisturize your neck, wrist, belly (if exposed),arms, ankles and behind your knees (again.. if exposed). The moisture will lock the scent in, making it last longer!

Target these areas when spraying your skin
Your “pulse points” are the warmest areas of your body. This will not only lock the scent, but will make sure the scent of your choice is diffused across your entire body. Note: You don’t have to hit EVERY single target spot discussed. The pulse points are as follows: wrists, neck, inside elbows, belly, behind knees, and ankles.

2.) Glittery Winged Liner

IMG_0234The best thing about this beauty hack is that it can give your quick & easy everyday makeup some flavor. You can even use it for dramatic looks. It’s all based on your preference. All you need is a shimmery shadow of your choice (you can even do this with Metallic shadows), an angled liner brush & some setting spray; even MAC Fix + will do.

This is an easy one. Start by taking your brush and spraying it with the setting spray. Make sure its nice and moist. You then, dip the brush in the shadow of your choice and create a wing as if you were using a gel or cream eyeliner. That’s it! In those simple steps, you’ve made your look original and fun. Best part: it was easy!

3.) Say NO To Frizz

Don’t you hate when you’re trying to detangle and smooth outIMG_0235 your hair, but you end up looking frizzy and your hair is up in the air like gravity is against you? We’ve got a solution for that. All you need is a dryer sheet (I’d go with non-scented if your not into floral fragrances) and your brush!

Simply push the sheet through the bristles to attach it to the brush. When you brush your hair, the hair will rub against the dryer sheet. This will prevent static and frizz from happening, and will leave your hair as smooth as silk.




These are just some of my favorite beauty hacks that I think we all can benefit from! For more things beauty, you can check out my blog at . Be sure to subscribe! Have a good one my beauties!

XOXO, Bianca

What this blog is about

So I just wanted to take a minute and explain how this blog came about and what its purpose is. I thought it would be a simple task to write, but it has turned out to be much harder.

The building in the picture is how I compare myself . It’s a great building but was torn down to serve a better purpose. It is being rebuilt to help others in a better way. I feel like that is me and this blog.

The past couple of years, and more like the most couple of months have been a roller coaster. I moved to a new city where no one really knows me. I lost my father to cancer and have had a hard time understanding. I lost my job due to the family situation. I slowly started to forget that there was so much beauty in the world. I spent too much time focusing on what I had lost and what I was lacking rather than what I still had. I have felt that I have a better purpose a head of me. It all turned around when I went and saw the move The Shack ( highly recommend it!!). In the movie , there is a quote “You were so focused on your tragedy, you lost sight of me.” It hit me, I had lost sight of the beauty of life.

So I wanted to change that and thats how this blog came about. I want it to be a place to share the beauties of the world. It could be tips to help us feel better, or places that bring beauty into our lives. It might be a product that really helped me or someone else feel beautiful. That’s what it’s about. I want ( and each of us) to find the beauty in this world,because there is so much of it. So follow along on my Instagram @find. the.beauty_ and follow the blog. Message me if you want something specific.


Thanks for reading 🙂


Makeup Blogger

Hey guys! So today I am highlighting a wonderful makeup blogger Deanna Butler. She is someone who has a true passion for makeup and has honest reviews about the products she uses. She also does tutorials that are easy to follow. Her make up is always on point. She show there are so many ways to make yourself feel beautiful even with generic brand makeups.

One of the looks that I have tried to emulate is her smokey eye. You all have to try it!!


Check out her blog:

Screenshot 2017-03-06 10.41.50

Make Your Eyes Pop

The look today being highlighted is a dark eye with nude lip. This is such a fun thing to do when you are going out for the night. There are certain colors that will highlight your specific eye colors.

Pinks, yellow, oranges, golds and browns really make a BLUE eye pop.

Pinks, purples, bronze and dark browns make GREEN eyes pop.

Blue, teal, purple, and burgandy make BROWN eyes pop.

Play with these colors and find what makes your eyes shine through. Eyes are said to be the windows to the soul. Why not highlight those windows.

20170304_150517screenshot-2017-03-04-17-02-06 Continue reading

My calm Place

Sometimes when you are constantly on the move you need to find a calm place. This place is where you can take a moment and gather yourself and revamp. This can be a spot in your house or a place you go. I often go running and find myself at the beach. It is so great for me to just sit and remember whats most important. The beach is so calm and serene. It also brings all sorts of animals to the area.


What’s your calm place?