Wild Adventure

Hello there,

I am BayLee creator of Wild Adventures in the Sun. My blog focuses on life, adventure, and all things outside. Join me for a few life changing moments.

Life is a beautiful adventure. It has its ups, downs, twists, and turns. But it also has moments that change who we are because they are so beautiful. Maybe sometime we think that an adventure has to be a big planned extravagant vacation. Why can’t we go on an adventure to our own back yards? There are so many amazing moments happening right in front of our eyes that we miss.

Live the Moments

For some reason my favorite moments are not the kind of moments I think people would consider great outstanding points in time. My favorite moments always revolve around my family being together, just sitting around talking and laughing together. Even though we see each other a lot because of our family business. Being able to sit and enjoy the sunshine, the kids playing in the yard, the smiles, and laughs. The moments that you have to be there to really experience.

Love Beyond Words

I think love is the most important thing we have as humans. It’s the only think that outlast money, time, age, and all the hustle and bustle of life. I love the spring time when everything is in bloom. I love to hear the birds in the trees. My husband (Brandon) favorite sound is the quite crunch of snow underfoot at night. I love the first smile on my baby’s face in the morning as she works to untangle herself from her blanks. I love my family the most!. Beyond the most, it is what my world revolves around. Words can’t do justice how much I love my family.

Laugh Everyday

A chuckle, a giggle, or a bust your gut laughing! laughing is the best exercise ever! There is no better way to break the ice with someone new. Or to end an awkward silence in a conversation. I love to laugh but I’m not an easy laughter. Brandon loves to try to get me to laugh at everything. I mean everything. Even things that are not funny at all 🙂 But it makes me laugh at how much he wants to see me laugh and smile.

Life is full of so many moments that come and go so fast. My goal in life is to move quickly enough to keep up with the world, but slow enough to catch the smiles, the laughs, the tears, the funny stories, and all the fun adventures that await in the future.

Live each moment, love with your whole heart, laugh until your belly hurts


Thank you Find the Beauty for letting me post some of my thoughts on your blog. I appreciate SO much!

If you would like to read more of my life adventures and thoughts please join me at Wild Adventures in the SunThank you again Find the Beauty!

Thank you again!!!

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