Makeup is to enhance not change

 I truly believe that make up is meant to enhance our features not to change what we don’t like. So here are some tips on how to enhance different parts of your face based on what you want everyone to focus on. Enjoy! 


1. Eyes: 

If you love your eyes or feel like your eyes are what you want to enhance then find colors that make your eyes pop. For my blue eyes, browns and pinks make my eyes stand up. Here is a chart you can look out to find colors to help find the right color to make your eyes pop. 



2. Lips: 

For people who have really full and beautiful lips go with a bold lip color. Use makeup to your advantage by having it be what people first notice. Reds and dark pinks are great colors that will highlight your lips but not come across as over the top.  image-1


3. Eye lashes: 

Use a curler! This is key for helping your eyelashes really stand out. By curling your lashes will allow them to show off their length and volume. Use the graphic below to make the most of your eyelash curler. 




4. Bone structure: 

Contour. Contour. Contour. By creating shadows under your bone structure will pull in your face and slim. It will also show off your natural bone structure. You will have to take into consideration the shape of face.  



So by figuring out what you want to highlight or what you love about yourself will then set the foundation for your makeup routine. It will simplify your make up routine as well.I hope these tips give you an extra boost of confidence on how to do your makeup. 

54 thoughts on “Makeup is to enhance not change

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