LipSense. What is all the hype about?

So many of you may have heard about a product called LipSense. It has claimed to be long lasting, waterproof, and smudgeproof. Does it really live up to all the hype? What is the truth?


I have had the opportunity to try LipSense for myself and I have got to say.. I LOVE IT!. It really does last so much longer than any of my other lipsticks. I have a little boy who loves my kisses and it doesn’t come off on him. ALso my husband wouldn’t let me kiss him if i was wearing lipstick before this. So two major pros in my book.


Here are some pros and cons I have found.



Pros: Longlasting. I have had it last up to 12+ hours.

It is light so I forget that I am wearing it.

There are over 70 colors. So many different options for each individual to find what is perfect for them.

It is moisturizing. My lips can get so dry sometimes but the glossy gloss has made my lips feel great. Sometimes I will wear the gloss by itself.

One bottle can last 4-6  months.

Animal cruelty free.



Cons: The price upfront is a little more that I would normally pay. I know it lasts a long time but  sometimes the budget doesn’t take into account long term.

Initial investment is pricey. Because LipSense works differently it needs the gloss and the color and the remover. So starting out its $55. But you do just have to buy colors after that.

It is a learning curve on how to apply it appropriately. Because you can’t just wipe away if you mess up, it takes a little bit to learn how to apply.



So overall I would highly recommend getting LipSense especially if you love lipstick.





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