Favorite outfits

Just wanted to share my favorite outfits and where you can find them.


This is a sweatpants material skirt. This is so comfortable and easily dresses up a comfortable outfit. You can find this at Ross.


Next is this adorable spring outfit . This color looks great on everyone. It’s light marterial is great to wear in hot weather. This was found at target .


Love this short skirt with converse shoes. Skirt is found at H&M.


Lastly an elegant black dress. The material is soft. It has a ribbon around the waist to make any figure flattering. Found at forever 21.


What are some of your favorite outfits?

Wild Adventure

Hello there,

I am BayLee creator of Wild Adventures in the Sun. My blog focuses on life, adventure, and all things outside. Join me for a few life changing moments.

Life is a beautiful adventure. It has its ups, downs, twists, and turns. But it also has moments that change who we are because they are so beautiful. Maybe sometime we think that an adventure has to be a big planned extravagant vacation. Why can’t we go on an adventure to our own back yards? There are so many amazing moments happening right in front of our eyes that we miss.

Live the Moments

For some reason my favorite moments are not the kind of moments I think people would consider great outstanding points in time. My favorite moments always revolve around my family being together, just sitting around talking and laughing together. Even though we see each other a lot because of our family business. Being able to sit and enjoy the sunshine, the kids playing in the yard, the smiles, and laughs. The moments that you have to be there to really experience.

Love Beyond Words

I think love is the most important thing we have as humans. It’s the only think that outlast money, time, age, and all the hustle and bustle of life. I love the spring time when everything is in bloom. I love to hear the birds in the trees. My husband (Brandon) favorite sound is the quite crunch of snow underfoot at night. I love the first smile on my baby’s face in the morning as she works to untangle herself from her blanks. I love my family the most!. Beyond the most, it is what my world revolves around. Words can’t do justice how much I love my family.

Laugh Everyday

A chuckle, a giggle, or a bust your gut laughing! laughing is the best exercise ever! There is no better way to break the ice with someone new. Or to end an awkward silence in a conversation. I love to laugh but I’m not an easy laughter. Brandon loves to try to get me to laugh at everything. I mean everything. Even things that are not funny at all 🙂 But it makes me laugh at how much he wants to see me laugh and smile.

Life is full of so many moments that come and go so fast. My goal in life is to move quickly enough to keep up with the world, but slow enough to catch the smiles, the laughs, the tears, the funny stories, and all the fun adventures that await in the future.

Live each moment, love with your whole heart, laugh until your belly hurts


Thank you Find the Beauty for letting me post some of my thoughts on your blog. I appreciate SO much!

If you would like to read more of my life adventures and thoughts please join me at Wild Adventures in the SunThank you again Find the Beauty!

Thank you again!!!

Birthday wishlist


Hello everyone!

I would first off like to thank Find the Beauty for allowing me guest post on her blog! I am the creator of the Lifestyle blog, Irresistibly Petite and I am a lover of all things fashion and beauty! I would like to share with you all a wishlist that I make for occasions such as Valentine’s Day and my birthday! It’s a thing my fiancé and I do for one another so that we know what to buy each other as gifts for these occasions without having to specifically ask the other person what they want. I’m telling you, it is a life saver!

What’s funny about these wish lists is that I usually give them to Jesus (my fiancé) about a month ahead and he will buy items from the list about two weeks before my birthday. Then, when he receives them in the mail, he’s way too excited to wait until my actual birthday to give them to me and he ends up letting me have the gifts about a week before! *insert face palm emoji here* Isn’t he adorable? Usually I’m the one trying to convince him not to give me the gift ahead of time because I love the surprise/excitement of opening a gift on my birthday!

Now, onto the wish list:

ONE. Since I live in Texas, the sun is out most of the year and I really wanted to add a pair of sunglasses to my wish list. (A girl can never have too many sunglasses, Amiright?) Well, a little over a month ago Jesus and I were at North Park Mall just looking around and we stopped at the Kate Spade store. I went to their sunglasses section and saw these beauties in ‘black gold’! I tried them on and instantly fell in love with them! I loved the girly shape to them and they actually fit on my face well (usually it’s hard to find sunglasses that fit my face!) so I knew they were going to make my Birthday wish list!

TWO. My Tory Burch obsession requires me to add a TB item to all of my wish lists so this is my one item on this list thats Tory Burch. Like I mentioned earlier, Jesus and I were at North Park Mall and we also stopped at the new Tory Sport store they have. I begged Jesus to take me there for the longest because, hello, Tory obsessed over here! The store was nothing short of amazing! I actually ended up getting these leggings, which I had been eyeing for the LONGEST! (If you’d like to get a look of how they fit, go look at my Instagram feed to see an example!) So now, I would like a cute matching top! So this Tory Sport Performance Graphic Top made it to my birthday wish list and since I’ve been running regularly, I know this top would get some good use!

THREE. Even though warmer temperatures will soon be a part of our everyday weather, I still put these AG jeans on my list because Texas weather is so random and I know I will still use these jeans for those odd 50 degree days that we’ll get in the middle of Spring! I currently own these AG jeans and could literally wear them every. single. day. Jesus even told me I needed to stop wearing them because I wore them so much. They are seriously the best jeans I’ve ever owned. This brand isn’t cheap but you’re investing in a GREAT pair of jeans if you buy from them!

FOUR. Dresses are my favorite to wear in the Spring and Summer! They’re just so easy to style and you don’t have to think too much about how to put together a look! I decided to include this Soprano Lace-up Shift Dress on my wish list due to the beautiful spring color it comes in, but also because I love the bell sleeves it has! If you haven’t noticed yet, bell sleeves are in and I love how the bell sleeves on this dress aren’t over-exaggerated like I’ve seen on other dresses and shirts! This dress is also versatile, in which it can be dressed up or down. You can dress it down with a utility jacket and some booties, or you can wear an open-toe strap heel to make it feel more dressy!

FIVE. I have been looking for some white distressed jeans that don’t cost an arm and a leg and I finally came across these Articles of Society Jeans! I read on another bloggers website that these jeans are great for petite women like me and I want to try them out because they’re also VERY affordable! White jeans are also so great for spring because it is so easy to pair it up with any top and heels or wedges because white pretty much goes with EVERYTHING!

SIX. When I originally wrote this post (about a month ago) I found these Steve Madden ‘Christey’ sandal heels and fell in love with them! But while I was shopping for some new heels for my birthday outfit, I tried these on in-store and found that I didn’t like the look on me. The reason being was because my feet are really skinny, so any shoes, sandals, or heels that don’t have adjustable widths, are usually too wide for my feet and these weren’t adjustable. Although I could adjust the width around my ankle, I wasn’t able to adjust it around the top of my foot, which made the sandal look large on my foot. I decided to still include these sandals in this post because I mean, c’mon, they’re completely adorable! The light pink color they come in is also perfect for Spring! So if you don’t have awkwardly skinny feet like me, these would look amazing on you!

SEVEN. Another trend that I am currently obsessed with, is the off-the-shoulder one! What better way to combine your favorite trend and your love for dresses, than with this beautiful off-the-shoulder dress! And look, it even comes in a very Spring-ish color! (I guess I’m obsessed with everything pink as well right now!) What’s even better is that this dress is also under $60! It’s been so long since I’ve bought a dress under $60, that I think this price is such a steal for this adorable dress!

EIGHT. What’s funny is that I used to HATE baseball caps. I just didn’t like the way they looked on me so I used to never own a baseball cap, or any hat, as a matter of fact. Now-a-days, I love baseball caps because they are so great for bad hair days! I stumbled across this awesome baseball cap on Francesca’s website (once again) and couldn’t help but think how great of a bad-hair-day baseball cap it would be! Even better, it has the text “SQUADGOALS” on the front and thought it was even more amazing!

NINE. Over the past 6 months, I have fallen more and more in love with the Sam Edelman brand. Their heels are just the cutest and their prices are affordable, especially compared to other competing brands! And the quality of their items are also amazing! I had to include this oatmeal suede Yaro Ankle Strap Sandal from them because you can never have to many nude sandals AND it will pretty much go with anything as well! It’s pretty much a staple to have in your closet! This specific sandal also comes in a variety of colors so go check them out!

TEN. Another great trend (which is probably the best trend of all) is the athleisure trend! What’s better than being able to wear your work out clothes in the real world and it being totally acceptable? Nothing! This athleisure trend has me looking at these lovely New Balance Sneakers! Yes, I did just say New Balance! They’re coming back in style y’all and Jesus even has a pair that he wears almost everyday! I love this shoe in black because I wear a lot of black athleisure clothes and because it comes with their logo in a sparkly metallic which gives it that cute girly touch! Another huge plus is that they are under $80. If you want these shoes, you better grab them fast though because about a week ago, they were sold out in my exact size and I was originally going to take them off this wish list until I realized they were back in stock!


The last item I wanted to add onto my list was this vibrant top from Goodnight Macaroon! This

‘Katalin’ Floral Print Flare Sleeve off the shoulder top
would look beautiful paired up with some white jeans and cute heels or wedges for Spring. It also has the cute bell sleeves and I just love the colors on this blouse! And then it is also off the shoulder, which makes it look ten times better! (Sorry about the odd formatting on this last item, not sure how to fix it!) Plus, nothing shouts Spring like flowers!

So there you have it, my birthday wish list! Are there any items on the list you wish you had or already have? I would love to hear about it! If you enjoyed reading this post, there are more posts similar to this one on my blog at Irresistibly Petite. Just click on the link and it will direct you to it!

Much Love,


Bella Ella Boutique

Guys! I have found the cutest jean jacket. I love it!! This jacket dresses up any outfit. It has  metal diamonds on it that kick it up a knotch. It is super comfortable. I got this jacket from Bella Ella Boutique. This cute boutique has such a wide variety of clothes. The one thing I absolutely love about their clothes is how comfortable they are without looking sloppy. I always feel beautiful while staying comfortable. I will easily choose comfort over style any day but with these clothes I don’t have to.


Check them out! Click the link below!


<a href=”http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=977628&u=1477855&m=70480&urllink=&afftrack=”>Bella Ella Boutique, LLC</a>



Makeup is to enhance not change

 I truly believe that make up is meant to enhance our features not to change what we don’t like. So here are some tips on how to enhance different parts of your face based on what you want everyone to focus on. Enjoy! 


1. Eyes: 

If you love your eyes or feel like your eyes are what you want to enhance then find colors that make your eyes pop. For my blue eyes, browns and pinks make my eyes stand up. Here is a chart you can look out to find colors to help find the right color to make your eyes pop. 



2. Lips: 

For people who have really full and beautiful lips go with a bold lip color. Use makeup to your advantage by having it be what people first notice. Reds and dark pinks are great colors that will highlight your lips but not come across as over the top.  image-1


3. Eye lashes: 

Use a curler! This is key for helping your eyelashes really stand out. By curling your lashes will allow them to show off their length and volume. Use the graphic below to make the most of your eyelash curler. 




4. Bone structure: 

Contour. Contour. Contour. By creating shadows under your bone structure will pull in your face and slim. It will also show off your natural bone structure. You will have to take into consideration the shape of face.  



So by figuring out what you want to highlight or what you love about yourself will then set the foundation for your makeup routine. It will simplify your make up routine as well.I hope these tips give you an extra boost of confidence on how to do your makeup. 

LipSense. What is all the hype about?

So many of you may have heard about a product called LipSense. It has claimed to be long lasting, waterproof, and smudgeproof. Does it really live up to all the hype? What is the truth?


I have had the opportunity to try LipSense for myself and I have got to say.. I LOVE IT!. It really does last so much longer than any of my other lipsticks. I have a little boy who loves my kisses and it doesn’t come off on him. ALso my husband wouldn’t let me kiss him if i was wearing lipstick before this. So two major pros in my book.


Here are some pros and cons I have found.



Pros: Longlasting. I have had it last up to 12+ hours.

It is light so I forget that I am wearing it.

There are over 70 colors. So many different options for each individual to find what is perfect for them.

It is moisturizing. My lips can get so dry sometimes but the glossy gloss has made my lips feel great. Sometimes I will wear the gloss by itself.

One bottle can last 4-6  months.

Animal cruelty free.



Cons: The price upfront is a little more that I would normally pay. I know it lasts a long time but  sometimes the budget doesn’t take into account long term.

Initial investment is pricey. Because LipSense works differently it needs the gloss and the color and the remover. So starting out its $55. But you do just have to buy colors after that.

It is a learning curve on how to apply it appropriately. Because you can’t just wipe away if you mess up, it takes a little bit to learn how to apply.



So overall I would highly recommend getting LipSense especially if you love lipstick.





Top 3 beauty hacks

Hello my fellow beauties! I’m Bianca, Beauty Blogger & author of http://www.beautybybiancablogs.com. I can’t wait to share with you my all time favorite beauty hacks. For those of you who don’t know, a beauty hack is a tool or trick that is meant to make your beauty routine easier/more efficient. I chose my 3 go-to beauty hacks to share with you! Let’s get into it. Shall we?

1.) Make your perfume last longer

I love perfume. Who doesn’t love to smell good? Well, before I picked up on this beauty hack I used to spray   it everywhereeeee … just so it would last! I’d even spray it in the air and walk into it . I actually have 2 hacks to make the smell last longer, without being as extra as I was.

Don’t put perfume on your dry skin. IMG_0233
Make sure you moisturize FIRST. If you aren’t showering before the perfume (we all get busy, we understand) then be sure to moisturize your neck, wrist, belly (if exposed),arms, ankles and behind your knees (again.. if exposed). The moisture will lock the scent in, making it last longer!

Target these areas when spraying your skin
Your “pulse points” are the warmest areas of your body. This will not only lock the scent, but will make sure the scent of your choice is diffused across your entire body. Note: You don’t have to hit EVERY single target spot discussed. The pulse points are as follows: wrists, neck, inside elbows, belly, behind knees, and ankles.

2.) Glittery Winged Liner

IMG_0234The best thing about this beauty hack is that it can give your quick & easy everyday makeup some flavor. You can even use it for dramatic looks. It’s all based on your preference. All you need is a shimmery shadow of your choice (you can even do this with Metallic shadows), an angled liner brush & some setting spray; even MAC Fix + will do.

This is an easy one. Start by taking your brush and spraying it with the setting spray. Make sure its nice and moist. You then, dip the brush in the shadow of your choice and create a wing as if you were using a gel or cream eyeliner. That’s it! In those simple steps, you’ve made your look original and fun. Best part: it was easy!

3.) Say NO To Frizz

Don’t you hate when you’re trying to detangle and smooth outIMG_0235 your hair, but you end up looking frizzy and your hair is up in the air like gravity is against you? We’ve got a solution for that. All you need is a dryer sheet (I’d go with non-scented if your not into floral fragrances) and your brush!

Simply push the sheet through the bristles to attach it to the brush. When you brush your hair, the hair will rub against the dryer sheet. This will prevent static and frizz from happening, and will leave your hair as smooth as silk.




These are just some of my favorite beauty hacks that I think we all can benefit from! For more things beauty, you can check out my blog at http://www.beautybybiancablogs.com . Be sure to subscribe! Have a good one my beauties!

XOXO, Bianca

My calm Place

Sometimes when you are constantly on the move you need to find a calm place. This place is where you can take a moment and gather yourself and revamp. This can be a spot in your house or a place you go. I often go running and find myself at the beach. It is so great for me to just sit and remember whats most important. The beach is so calm and serene. It also brings all sorts of animals to the area.


What’s your calm place?

Baby glow beauty

She’s glowing! Thomas Rhett’s beautiful wife Lauren Akins, 27, hit the red carpet with her famous hubby for the iHeartradio music awards on Sunday, March 5, at the Forum in Inglewood, California. The gorgeous blonde stepped out with strappy black sandals, and a body hugging, off the shoulder black dress, and a bright red lip. For a girl that usually goes casual, Lauren looked smoking hot! “hey heyyyy @iheartradioawards are here and baby bump is OUT” the mom to be captioned her Instagram photo with her adorable hubby.


Lauren was onhand to support her husband Thomas Rhett, who is nominated for country artist of the year and country song of the year for his song “T-Shirt”. This is a super busy time for the couple, who announced last month that not only is Lauren pregnant, but they are also adopting a child from Africa as well. The couple are super excited that the cat is out of the bag and that they are able to talk about what’s going on in their life! “It was almost impossible not to mention it during the interviews on the red carpet at the Grammys. To say that we’re excited to finally be able to talk about it is an understatement.” Thomas Rhett revealed.

Link to the underlined word: http://www.conceiveeasy.com/get-pregnant/can-you-get-pregnant-with-no-period/


21 days of beauty

The Ulta 21 Days of Beauty sale starts today and there are some fantastic deals to be had! I wanted to share my recommendations with you (things I’ve tried and loved ) and also my wishlist of things that I have heard people really love.
Let’s take a look!
These are products I’ve tried and loved, so I would definitely recommend picking these up if you’re interested in trying them!
I have two of these blushes (Love Hangover and Justify My Love and they are beautiful, highly pigmented, and long-lasting. I plan to get the shade Baby Love and I Will Always Love You during the sale but I think the remaining two shades are probably too dark for me.
I have tried  these in the Original, Brightening, and BB Tinted formulas and they all have a very lightweight texture that makes your skin feel like silk. My favorite is probably the BB Tinted formula because it adds a little bit of coverage and will give your foundation a little boost, especially if you’re using something that doesn’t have a lot of coverage…this will help fill it in a bit more.
This is considered the holy grail mascara for many and I haven’t used it in a while because I’m always trying all of the newer formulas that come out to review But it’s an awesome formula that makes  lashes really long and thick and I’m definitely planning on grabbing one during the sale…I’m excited to try it again!

Wednesday, March 29: Laura Geller Baked Blush-n-Brighten $14
These are holy grail high-end shimmery blushes. They’re so smooth and blend like a dream. Each shade has multiple colors running through it so it ends up looking really luminous and not flat at all. They also last forever because you only need a little bit of product.

Sunday, April 2: Lorac Unzipped Palettes $21
I’m obsessed with these palettes, particularly the original Unzipped because of the pretty rosy tones. They are so pigmented and easy to apply and blend, plus they last a long time on your eyes.

Tuesday, April 4: Pur Cosmetics 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 15 $18
This is one of the only powder foundations I have seen to be used on dry skin. It’s so silky and smooth and doesn’t cake up or leave skin looking older (which a lot of powders tend to do). It has pretty good coverage, I would say sheer to medium, and can build it up easily without it looking powdery or making my skin look dull. It almost feels hydrating, which is weird to say of a powder.

Friday, April 7: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush & Highlighter $14
The Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes are some favorite formulas! They’re really long-lasting for a powder blush and come in beautiful shades.

Saturday, April 8: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Pencil $10.50
This is a holy grail eyebrow pencil…the tip is super fine so it creates the illusion of real brow hairs and it’s really long-lasting. For reference, the shade Soft Brown…it’s a cooler-toned light brown just like natural hair color, so it doesn’t have any warmth or red in it.

There are also three products I haven’t tried yet but have had on my list for a while! I’ll be looking into buying  these in addition to some of the items I named above .

Monday, March 20: Fiona Stiles Sheer Sculpting Palette $14
I’m all about trying new products from Fiona Stiles because the few I have tried were really awesome. I’m loving the cooler tones in the Light/Medium Sculpting Palette…it’s not always easy to find the right shades for fair skin, so at $14, I feel like this is definitely worth a purchase!

Wednesday, March 29: It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Vol 1. Palette $21
I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had this palette in my hands at Ulta and then ended up telling myself I have too many eyeshadow palettes and put it back. Now I’m happy I didn’t purchase it  earlier because this is an amazing deal! I’ve heard so many great reviews on this palette and I really love matte eyeshadows so it’s a no-brainer at this price.

Monday, April 3: Mally Beauty Effortlessly Airbrushed Blush & Highlighter Set $17.50
I recently swatched these when I was in Ulta and was thisclose to buying one because both the blushes (you can choose from peach or pink) and the gold highlighter are super pigmented and creamy. I was in love with both blush shades and had trouble choosing so I didn’t end up getting one at the time. I’m definitely picking one up now…I just have to decide which one!

Well that’s it! What are you getting during the 21 Days of Beauty Sale? I’d love to hear all about your hauls!

I love hearing your comments! Leave ’em here!